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Welcome to GreatISPDeals! Below are internet providers that you will be interested in -- including DSL ISP's, cable providers, etc. If you're looking for a new carrier, then please use our search boxes on each page or click on the carrier of your choice.

Click on each title to read an in-depth review of each. I put each through its paces, and checked for key features. Specifically, I looked to see how reliable and advanced each service's basic functionality is -- whether the service, basic features and availability justify the cost, and whether they add any bells and whistles.

Those bells and whistles include anti-virus protection, Webmail, multiple email addresses, support for temporary dialup (if a broadband ISP) and exclusive content or programs.

Of course, all these features come at different prices, so I make sure I explain all of the different pricing models to you. Oh, and I also list any "hidden" fees -- like the money you might have to shell out to turn on broadband service in the first place.

You want to look at several other things that might not be totally obvious. For example, you need to weigh the monetary cost of moving to broadband Internet, versus the convenience cost of losing phone access by using dialup (without a second phone line or other solutions.) Dialup is cheaper -- but at what price is it worth it?

Juno Platinum Juno ISP
Juno High Speed PeoplePC
PeoplePC Accelerated NetZero High Speed
AOL Dialup AOL for Broadband
NetZero ISP NetZero Platinum
NetZero High Speed Juno Platinum
PeoplePC PeoplePC Accelerated
Verizon DSL EarthLink Basic DSL
EarthLink High Speed DSL EarthLink High Speed Cable
EarthLink Dialup Netscape ISP
Netscape Web Accelerator

You also want to look at features like whether your Internet service provider provides you with parental controls -- which is something every parent should keep in mind. Also, does your service give you enough email accounts to meet your needs -- for your entire family, for example?

Also, you want to keep in mind that certain kinds of high speed Internet access might not be available everywhere -- so just because a DSL ISP has just what you need doesn't mean you can sign-up.

The person making the final judgment, however, is you. So make sure you weigh just how much you're willing to spend, and weigh that against the cost of alternatives (like installing a new phone line if you want to do dialup, which is not cheap, but might be more inexpensive than a broadband ISP.)

Once you give one of these products a spin, be sure to come back to the site and share your thoughts -- help others benefit from your experience, and let us know what you picked!